Lykins Energy Solutions Raises $85,000 For CASA For Clermont Kids

Lykins Energy Solution raises $85,000 for CASA for Clermont Kids. Lykins Annual Golf Outing has raised $1 million for local non-profits over last 30 years

Lykins Energy Solutions is pleased to present CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids with a check for $85,000 this year, the proceeds from Lykins’ annual golf event. Lykins’ golf outing has raised more than $820,000 for CASA since 1998 which equates to 38% of CASA’s annual budget. Lykins has held its annual golf outing fundraiser since 1989 and with this year’s proceeds, the company has reached $1,000,000.00 for local non-profits in the past 30 years.

“We could never have done this without our business partners, vendors, hole sponsors and golf outing participants. Their support is truly heart-warming.  Lykins is honored to host this golf outing each year to benefit CASA for Clermont Kids,” says Lykins Energy Solutions president and CEO, Jeff Lykins.  “CASA’s work in our community is crucial, and the profits from the Lykins annual golf outing are a significant part of CASA’s annual budget. Those proceeds help fund a variety of programs to improve the lives of children in Clermont County.”  Lykins adds, “Lykins is a family owned business.  We believe in families and the safety and welfare of children in our community.  This is just one of the reasons we chose CASA to be the recipient of our annual fundraising event.”

Lykins annual donation makes an enormous, positive impact on CASA and the services it provides. CASA’s work in the community is crucial.  The proceeds help fund a variety of programs at CASA to improve the lives of abused and neglected children. The organization serves nearly 200 children each year. Their trained community volunteers are appointed by the Clermont County Juvenile Court Judge to represent the best interests of victim children. CASA/GALs (Guardians Ad Litem) are the voice of the child in the courtroom and the eyes and ears of the Court outside of the Courtroom.  The mission of CASA is to assure permanence in a safe, loving family where the child/children can be respected and establish the dignity that all children deserve. CASA’s biggest obstacle, other than maintaining funding every year, is the current case trend. “Without a doubt, opioids and heroin and now meth use are the biggest reasons children come into foster care or into court,” says CASA for Clermont Kids Executive Director, Nathan Bell.  Bell says “The cases that come into court now are the worst of the worst cases.  The problems are deeper, the crisis has been going on in the family for longer, and the dysfunction is more entrenched.  This has an impact on our volunteers because it means the cases that we receive are more difficult, more complex, and are emotionally trying on our volunteers.  The cases also have been taking longer to resolve in court because of their difficulty. This means our court advocates are bound up in very challenging cases for longer periods of time, which makes them less available for new cases coming in because they are still trying to resolve the cases they have.” 

Lykins Energy Solutions is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Clermont County, Ohio.  The company was founded in 1948 by Guy Lykins, Sr., and is now in the third generation of management.  The company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as throughout the Midwest and the Southeast United States and provides key services including: Branded Fuels, Wholesale Fuels, Commercial, Transportation, Energy Consulting and Home Heating Oil, Propane, Lubricants, Fleet fueling, Electricity and Natural gas for Ohio. The company represents five major brands: Gulf, BP, Marathon, Sunoco and Shell.  The company is one of the 100 largest privately held companies in Ohio, and one of the top 10 largest Petroleum Marketers in Ohio as well as one of the oldest and largest Petroleum Companies in the region and the nation.  Currently, Lykins employs 330 people.

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