Lykins Energy Solutions Raises $85,000 For CASA For Clermont Kids

Lykins Energy Solution raises $85,000 for CASA for Clermont Kids. Lykins Annual Golf Outing has raised $1 million for local non-profits over last 30 years

Lykins Energy Solutions is pleased to present CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids with a check for $85,000 this year, the proceeds from Lykins’ annual golf event. Lykins’ golf outing has raised more than $820,000 for CASA since 1998 which equates to 38% of CASA’s annual budget. Lykins has held its annual golf outing fundraiser since 1989 and with this year’s proceeds, the company has reached $1,000,000.00 for local non-profits in the past 30 years.

“We could never have done this without our business partners, vendors, hole sponsors and golf outing participants. Their support is truly heart-warming.  Lykins is honored to host this golf outing each year to benefit CASA for Clermont Kids,” says Lykins Energy Solutions president and CEO, Jeff Lykins.  “CASA’s work in our community is crucial, and the profits from the Lykins annual golf outing are a significant part of CASA’s annual budget. Those proceeds help fund a variety of programs to improve the lives of children in Clermont County.”  Lykins adds, “Lykins is a family owned business.  We believe in families and the safety and welfare of children in our community.  This is just one of the reasons we chose CASA to be the recipient of our annual fundraising event.”

Lykins annual donation makes an enormous, positive impact on CASA and the services it provides. CASA’s work in the community is crucial.  The proceeds help fund a variety of programs at CASA to improve the lives of abused and neglected children. The organization serves nearly 200 children each year. Their trained community volunteers are appointed by the Clermont County Juvenile Court Judge to represent the best interests of victim children. CASA/GALs (Guardians Ad Litem) are the voice of the child in the courtroom and the eyes and ears of the Court outside of the Courtroom.  The mission of CASA is to assure permanence in a safe, loving family where the child/children can be respected and establish the dignity that all children deserve. CASA’s biggest obstacle, other than maintaining funding every year, is the current case trend. “Without a doubt, opioids and heroin and now meth use are the biggest reasons children come into foster care or into court,” says CASA for Clermont Kids Executive Director, Nathan Bell.  Bell says “The cases that come into court now are the worst of the worst cases.  The problems are deeper, the crisis has been going on in the family for longer, and the dysfunction is more entrenched.  This has an impact on our volunteers because it means the cases that we receive are more difficult, more complex, and are emotionally trying on our volunteers.  The cases also have been taking longer to resolve in court because of their difficulty. This means our court advocates are bound up in very challenging cases for longer periods of time, which makes them less available for new cases coming in because they are still trying to resolve the cases they have.” 

Lykins Energy Solutions is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Clermont County, Ohio.  The company was founded in 1948 by Guy Lykins, Sr., and is now in the third generation of management.  The company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as throughout the Midwest and the Southeast United States and provides key services including: Branded Fuels, Wholesale Fuels, Commercial, Transportation, Energy Consulting and Home Heating Oil, Propane, Lubricants, Fleet fueling, Electricity and Natural gas for Ohio. The company represents five major brands: Gulf, BP, Marathon, Sunoco and Shell.  The company is one of the 100 largest privately held companies in Ohio, and one of the top 10 largest Petroleum Marketers in Ohio as well as one of the oldest and largest Petroleum Companies in the region and the nation.  Currently, Lykins employs 330 people.

Blinds vs. Curtains: Which One Can Lower Your Energy Bill?

Are you keeping energy cost low for the few months of hot weather left? A significant portion of a home’s energy is lost through windows. Here’s how switching up your window arrangements can save you big bucks.

Curtains, while stylish, may not provide the most energy efficient savings. The type and color of the curtain really impacts the total difference it will make. Thin, light color curtains will not block out as much sun and cold as thick, dark, curtains. When choosing curtains, selecting the darker, thermal-backed curtains will certainly make the difference to keep your house’s temperature well regulated without using the thermostat.

Blinds, on the other hand, are more efficient at blocking the heat or cold. They form a barrier to the temperature outside naturally. However, they can also still allow filtered light into the room if they are not completely opaque. This may be better option than dark, thermal-backed curtains if you are still looking for natural room light.

Still looking for more ways to save on your energy bill? Get more information about Lykins Energy Solutions Service’s by clicking here.

How to Find the Right Fuel Delivery Service For Your Business

Finding the right fuel delivery service can be difficult. Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself when selecting a fuel provider.

Does the company offer prompt and helpful customer service? Our strength lies in our customer service, which is the core of Lykins Energy Solutions. Our offices, like our business, is local. Our reps are located in nearly 20 offices in OH, IN, KY, and WV. We live in the communities we serve and offer a flexible, caring, and personal touch.

How reliable is the company? Is the fuel delivered on time? Do they own their own truck fleet? What’s their availability? Founded in 1948, Lykins Energy Solutions is one of the oldest fuel distribution companies in Ohio. This longevity was built on reliable and on time service. We own one of the largest truck fleets in Ohio. With over 135 vehicles, Lykins Energy Solutions is able to provide the most reliable service directly from our facilities to your home or business.

How well does the supplier know the area? In other words, how long have they been in business? Lykins Energy Solutions has continued to grow along with the communities we serve, making us one of the largest fuel distribution companies in the 4 state area. Our 70 years worth of experience and knowledge of the communities and businesses we serve give us an unmistakable advantage in providing our customers with the highest quality products delivered in the most efficient manner at the lowest price possible.

Does the company offer premium or high quality products? Lykins Energy Solutions offers numerous products specifically created to be of the best quality possible. We have products such as ECO-Supreme and ECO-Supreme High Cetane that keep fuel lines and injectors clean while also preventing rust and corrosion damage. This results in extended engine life and increased efficiency and fuel economy.

Is the supplier innovative? Do they have technological capabilities to offer products that are a step ahead of the competition? We recognize that keeping up with technology plays a vital role in allowing our customers to have the most efficient means to purchase and pay for their fuel needs. Lykins Energy Solutions trucks are equipped with the latest technology that allow us to track and dispatch with real time capability that results in a more accurate delivery and billing process.

Does they strive to continuously reduce fuel cost and translate those cost reductions into benefits for the customer or offer you options to help reduce your cost? Lykins Energy Solutions purchases bulk fuel contracts from the major refiners like Marathon, BP to insure not only the top quality fuel is being delivered to your home or business but to also allow the lowest possible price. Lykins Energy Solutions also offers budget billing programs for home heat customers to create a less expensive bill.

Is your supplier a respected pillar of the community and works to make it a better place to live, work, and play? Lykins Energy Solutions is dedicated to it’s community. Through many scholarships, school programs, and their annual charity golf outing benefiting CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids.

5 Tips To Save On Your A/C Bill This Summer

Here are 5 tips to keep your home cool this summer without breaking the bank!

1. Upgrade your windows – If you have older windows, they may be wasting energy. While this does cost extra at first, in the long run it will save you money. Sealing windows can help keep your home energy efficient by not leaking air.

2. Keep your blinds closed – Reducing sunlight throughout your house is an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate the natural heat of the summer.

3. Use fans – This will keep your home cool while keeping your air conditioning cost low and will also maintain your A/C system.

4. Raise your thermostat settings while away – It’s difficult to not keep your house cool while you’re home so try raising your air conditioner’s thermostat while away. This can significantly lower your A/C bills while keeping you cool when you need to be.

5. Switch your light bulbs – Using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) will keep your house cooler while incandescent lights will produce a lot of heat.

View Our Residential Services for ways Lykins Energy Solutions can lower other types of energy bills.

Lykins Energy Solutions Announces Three-Year Strategic Plan

The focus for Lykins Energy Solutions includes strategic mission and vision statements, targeted goals and measurable priorities that will help drive the company’s success for the next three years and into the future.

“The strategy’s main focus is to enhance our long-standing commitment and promise to our customers and our employees,” said Jeff Lykins. President and CEO.

The company plans for strong growth in its commercial fuels, propane, electricity and branded business.

The company’s focus is set on three priorities: Operational Excellence, Enhanced Technology and an Accountable Culture.

Employees will be focusing on improving the customer experience by leveraging planned investments in technology, training and process improvements.  The Lykins company values were created with direct input from all 350+ employees and will continue to serve as the model to guide them with external and internal touch points.

“Upgrades are planned to help automate and connect Lykins large tank wagon and transport fleet to better serve the growing needs of our customers in the communities we serve,” said Ron Lykins, Vice President of Transportation.

Key investments in training, process improvement and employee engagement will help drive results and create a culture of accountability to each other and it’s over all mission.  A “strategic filter” has been created and deployed to assist the entire Lykins team with aligning future key decisions with the core goals.

The company plans to improve leadership and sales effectiveness through enhancements to business intelligence applications and implementation of a new CRM solution.

To help support and drive the strategic vision, Lykins Energy Solutions is proud to announce the following key personal additions and changes:

Greg Belisle, currently Vice President Energy Procurement and Sales, has moved to the Chief Operating Officer role. Greg will be instrumental in getting all strategic projects completed and fully implemented.  With his 20+ years of experience in fuel procurement, retail operations and sales team management, Greg will now oversee all operations of the company. Greg joined Lykins in 2011.

Zach Stanfield, currently Director of Human Resources, will become Vice President of Human Resources.  Zach has been leading the HR department since 2014. He has made significant improvements to the employee experience.  Zach’s proven leadership will be leveraged to further improve overall employee engagement and satisfaction.

Todd Garner joins Lykins Energy Solutions as Vice President of Energy Procurement and Unbranded Sales. Todd comes to Lykins Energy Solutions with more than 25 years of experience with a concentration in the energy industry.  Todd most recently was the president and managing member of 20/20 Energy Advisors, LLC and CEO and Managing Member of Protec Fuel Management, LLC, in Florida.

Gary Rickels has joined Lykins Energy Solutions as the Director of IT.  Gary joins the team with more than 19 years of hands on IT technical experience.  Formerly a Director of IT Infrastructure and Support, he will be enhancing all Lykins Energy Solutions’ business processes, IT and BI system automation to consistently identify opportunities to integrate people, processes, data and technology.

Lykins Energy Solutions home office is in Milford, Ohio. The company was founded in 1948 and is now in the third generation of Lykins family management.  The company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as throughout the Midwest and the Southeast United States. Lykins provides energy products including: Branded Fuels, Wholesale Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Transportation, Home Heating Oil, Propane, Lubricants, Fleet Fueling and Electricity Supply. The company is one of the 100 largest privately held companies in Ohio, and one of the top 10 largest Petroleum Marketers in Ohio as well as one of the oldest and largest Petroleum Companies in the region employing more than 350 people.

Join Our VIP Auto-Fill Program!

For our customers, we always strive to offer the very best service and experience. This is why we have the Heating Oil and Propane VIP Auto-Fill Program – to ensure our customer get just that. 

Here are some of the benefits of this program: 

– Automatic service puts you in front of the delivery schedule
– Monthly low even billing payments
– Guaranteed to never run out of heating oil or propane 
– There is no cost to you for this VIP service

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This program puts you at the front of the line for service. You must be on an even billing program. Some restrictions may apply.

Lykins Energy Solutions Raises $75,000 for CASA for Clermont Kids!

Lykins Energy Solutions is pleased to present CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids a check for $75,000 this year. This donation equates to 38% of CASA’s annual budget. Since 1998, Lykins has raised more than $735,000 for CASA from their annual golf outing and more than $960,000 for local non-profits in the past 29 years.

We are honored to host this golf outing each year to benefit CASA for Clermont Kids. Those proceeds help fund a variety of programs to improve the lives of abused and neglected children in the foster system within Clermont County. We are especially proud of the golf outing committee for the extra hours and effort they put into this golf outing while maintaining their regular jobs at Lykins Energy Solutions.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill

With the cold season quickly approaching, energy and heating costs will be at their highest. Here are a few tips to lower your energy bill because every little bit certainly helps!

  • Turn down the heat when boiling water – The kitchen is one of the most energy consuming areas of the home. So next time you make a meal make sure to remember to reduce the heat when your water reaches boiling point and cover your pot with a lid. This will keep the water boiling while saving energy at the same time!


  • Clean or replace all filters in your home regularly –  Dirty and old filters make your system work harder and longer than it needs to. Cleaning and replacing them will make your system not only work more effectively but also at a lower cost.


  • Wash clothes in cold water – If possible, washing clothes in cold water can seriously lower your energy bill, as much as $63 a year.


  • Adjust your ceiling fan – Adjust your ceiling fans to run slowly and clockwise during the colder months. It mixes warm air near the ceiling with the other room air. This will make your home warmer without turning up the thermostat.


  • Switch out your light bulbs – Using more efficient light bulbs, such as LEDs and CFLs, can reduce your energy use about a third.


  • Turn off your lights – Turning off lights when the room is not in use or using natural light whenever possible can dramatically decrease your energy bill spent on lighting.

It’s the simplest things that can make the biggest difference sometimes. Lykins Energy Solutions wants to save you money! These tips are just a few of the way to do so. Reach out to a Lykins Energy Solutions representative at 1-800-875-8820 for information on Lykins can save you big bucks on electricity.

Tips for Getting Your Application Through to the Hiring Manager

So you caught wind of a job opening at Lykins.  It sounds like the perfect fit for you!  You’re filling out the application, hoping that your experience alone will speak for you…but what can you do to go above and beyond to make sure your application gets in front of the hiring manager?  A little extra time spent on your application can easily set you apart.

There are certain job openings we have that get a lot of attention.  Customer Service, accounting, administrative assistant positions are all high-volume jobs for us.  When we open our recruiting program in the morning and see 40 applications from overnight, we keep our eyes peeled for a few things that help us whittle down the stack.

1. Personalize your Cover Letter.

Cover letters are optional but taking the time to write a few sentences addressing us directly is already a huge step forward in making yourself recognizable.  We will forward 95% of resumes that come with a personalized letter, regardless of how qualified the person is.  It shows us you’re willing to do that something extra to get the job done.

2. Research Lykins Energy Solutions before answering open-ended screening questions.

Bonus points for showing how you’re a good fit for Lykins based on specific company values (“I believe in open, honest communication for a successful team to work, just like your company” or “Like Lykins, exceptional customer service is one of my most valued ideals.”)  A little extra work in this area stands out like a golden, shining light.

“I’m not sure how I’m a fit because you haven’t hired me yet,” isn’t going to get you there.  Wit only goes so far.

3. Double-check your application for errors.

Lackadaisical typing may be misconstrued as a lack of computer proficiency. If a name isn’t properly capitalized or the position title is typed or spelled incorrectly, some may wonder if you have basic typing skills down.  An employer is looking for people who can do things correctly, not just do the bare minimum that needs to be done to hit the submit button. Double check your name, email address, the employer’s name, and the position title for grammatical and structure errors.

4. Fill in all applicable blanks.

In our application, we offer the ability to upload a resume in addition to providing detailed job information in the application.  Please take the time to do both.  When employers are scanning applications without job experience completed, they will have to go through the extra steps of downloading your resume to see what your experience is.  While this is another opportunity to show us you’re willing to do what needs done, regardless of how tedious it is, it also gives the employer one less step to take to determine whether you’re a fit for the job. Also, if you are the chosen candidate for the job, there’s less information to collect and we can and get you an offer letter more quickly.

5. Make your uploaded documents easy to use.

Microsoft Word is the go-to document creation program for resumes.  However, an employer may not be using the same version of Word and the formatting can come across differently than intended.  Also, a stray click of the mouse can change or delete content from your resume without the viewer noticing it’s been changed. To prevent accidental changes and maintain your format, finalize your document just like you have it by saving it as a .pdf.  This also saves us another step when downloading, saving, attaching to an email and sharing with hiring managers.

As Human Resources Generalist, Susan Gifford, MSIMC, CTRM, manages talent acquisition for Lykins Energy Solutions.


Why Work At Lykins Energy Solutions?

Lykins Energy Solutions is always striving to make themselves a great place to work! They truly center themselves around employee empowerment and community values. They have been a family owned and operated business since 1948 serving residential and commercial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, as well as throughout the Midwest and Southeast US.

Lykins Energy Solutions is always searching for qualified and friendly folks to join their family! They offer a number of incentives and programs to help their employees in anyway possible. Some of these include:

  • Lucrative Pay
  • Low-cost group health, dental and vision insurance with 24/7/365 Teledoc included Free
  • A new PTO policy with even more paid time off
  • Great 401k with company match
  • 100% Company-Paid Life insurance with the option to up your coverage
  • Generous Wellness Benefits including Free gym membership and ways to earn serious discounts on your health insurance
  • Get Discounts & 0% APR with your personal fuel credit card – payroll deducted for your convenience
  • New for 2018: LifeLock Identity Theft Protection and HealthyPaws Pet Insurance!
  • Fun events like Food Truck Friday and discounts to your favorite places (Kings Island, FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati Reds, Kentucky Kingdom, and more!)

Lykins Energy Solutions has always been devoted to their customers, community, and employees. They have grown to become one of the 100 largest privately owned companies in Ohio. Through acquisitions and expansion, they are always evolving. With that, comes more and more opportunities strength and grow right at the root of what makes everything possible – their employees.