Best Energy-Saving Tips For Your Business/Office

We know just how expensive running a business/office can be. From water, heating, electricity, prices can really add up. However, there are a few things you can do to lower your bill as much as possible.

  • Make sure all computers are on energy saver mode throughout the day or turned off at closing. This is a very important reminder to all employees that could seriously save on electric. Even on sleep mode, some electricity is still used.
  • Switch to Energy Star approved lights. This simple change could make all the difference especially in a large office that has many lights plus you could qualify for a federal tax credit.
  • Implement light sensors. This is another fix to the constant lighting at offices. This way, you can ensure lights will only be on when the room is in use.
  • Go paperless. This is becoming more and more common and is most likely something many have heard of. However, there may be more benefits then you realize. Not only will you save energy by minimizing printers and copiers, but you will also save money on paper. Every office today has computers, why not use them to their full potential!
  • Replace equipment/appliances. Switching to the the top-notch energy saving supplies can seriously save your budget in the long run.
  • Switch to a more efficient, cheaper energy and heating supplier. Lykins Energy Solutions can save you money on electricity, heating, fuels, and more! Click here to learn more.

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