Things To Do During Quarantine

At Lykins Energy Solutions, we know this is a difficult time for everyone. We want to be here for you by giving you some ideas of how to spend your time at home. Staying healthy mentally and physically is very important during these challenging times. Here are some ideas of how you and your family can spend time together to grow and stay healthy:

  • Educate yourself: during your time at home you can learn about things in the world around us. One way to learn more is by reading. Reading can help to mentally destress and help our brains to learn. Reading about your own interests is a great way to be useful of your time and use some needed relaxation time for yourself.
  • Exercise/Fitness: your time at home can be put to great use by exercising. When the human body exercises it releases endorphins which give the body energy and a positive feeling. Since local gyms are closed you can run in a park, walk your dog, find objects around the house to lift, and workout in your living room.
  • Self reflect: during this time at home you can self reflect to see what your goals are for 2020 and what you have accomplished so far this year. Creating goals for yourself is a great way to see how you are growing.
  • Baking/cooking: this is a great way to stay healthy and learn more about your own skills. Baking is very helpful activity to help calm nerves and can put your mind at ease with the smell of delicious treats and food. This is also a great time to see you how creative you can be.
  • Art/painting: using the time you have at home with art can be very relaxing and help relieve any stress that you might have from being quarantined. Painting is a great way to put your thoughts into art and display your creative skills at home.
  • Time with loved ones: being at home is a great opportunity to hangout with loved ones in your house. You can play board games, watch a movie, or cook a meal together. However, it is important during this time to not leave the house. You can FaceTime or Skype other friends and family during this time to protect the health of you and your loved ones.

We hope these ideas helped you use your time in a positive way. This is a really hard time of uncertainty for you and your family. We want you to know Lykins Energy Solutions is here for you now. We will continue to supply your home or business with heating oil, propane, and electricity. You can visit our website here.

Best Energy-Saving Tips For Your Business/Office

We know just how expensive running a business/office can be. From water, heating, electricity, prices can really add up. However, there are a few things you can do to lower your bill as much as possible.

  • Make sure all computers are on energy saver mode throughout the day or turned off at closing. This is a very important reminder to all employees that could seriously save on electric. Even on sleep mode, some electricity is still used.
  • Switch to Energy Star approved lights. This simple change could make all the difference especially in a large office that has many lights plus you could qualify for a federal tax credit.
  • Implement light sensors. This is another fix to the constant lighting at offices. This way, you can ensure lights will only be on when the room is in use.
  • Go paperless. This is becoming more and more common and is most likely something many have heard of. However, there may be more benefits then you realize. Not only will you save energy by minimizing printers and copiers, but you will also save money on paper. Every office today has computers, why not use them to their full potential!
  • Replace equipment/appliances. Switching to the the top-notch energy saving supplies can seriously save your budget in the long run.
  • Switch to a more efficient, cheaper energy and heating supplier. Lykins Energy Solutions can save you money on electricity, heating, fuels, and more! Click here to learn more.

Fireplaces Are Cozy In The Winter, But Are They Energy Efficient?

Everyone wants to cuddle up next to fire place on cold, snowy days, but how might this effect your energy usage and overall costs? Different types of fireplaces affect energy efficiency in a bigger way that what you may expect.

It is important to distinguish between the different types of fireplaces because they do affect energy in different ways. There are electric, wood-burning, and gas fireplaces.

Electric fire places are often used for decorative purposes. This means that the flames are activate yet there is no heat coming from them. It costs about double to crank it up enough to produce heat.

Wood-burning fireplaces do heat your home more which can lower your heating bill. However, it important to keep in mind that lots of warm air can escape through the chimney. Installing glass doors can reduce how much room air escapes through the chimney during combustion. Also, the cost depends on how you get your wood.

Gas fireplaces, while easier to maintain, may cost extra as you do have to pay for natural gas. Some older gas fireplaces may have a continuously lit pilot light which will further add to your costs.

It is important to keep these differences in types of fireplaces in mind when trying to select the most energy efficient option. Click here to see all of the energy efficient options Lykins Energy Solutions has to offer.

Why Eco Supreme Premium Diesel Is The Best Fuel For Your Commercial Equipment

There is a fuel specifically developed for and available only at Lykins Energy Solutions. Its called Eco Supreme Premium diesel. Its our only diesel for our commercial customers because its the best diesel in the market and we want the very best for you. When you order diesel you will be automatically upgraded to Eco Supreme at no additional cost.

There are numerous, serious benefits to Eco Supreme Premium Diesel. It has lubricity which reduces both maintenance cost and equipment downtime. Cloud point improves winter operation. CFPP improves winter operation and filter ability. It also prevents “gelling.” Eco Supreme premium Diesel has thermal stability. This helps your fuel system burn cleaner and improve overall performance. In terms of corrosion, superior moisture control eliminates water issuer and maintains stability. It has great detergency which restores 100% of horse power, and optimizes engine efficiency. It also is a non-alcohol chemical to help safely pass small amounts of moisture through the fuel system and control moisture.

Still not convinced? Read these customer testimonials that prove just how great Eco Supreme is:

Watch our video for more information or view our commercial services:

5 Energy-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? How about one that is not only thoughtful but will save them big bucks on their energy bill! Below are a few ideas for the perfect energy-saving gift.

Image result for smart thermostat
  1. Smart Thermostat – Not only do these thermostats adjust heating and cooling of a home automatically on a schedule, they even have the ability to adjust the temperature right from their phone! Some can even detect whether you’re home or not and adjust the temperature accordingly! They range from $50-$280.
  2. Leak Detectors – This could save someone from a major disaster and prevent money spent on damages. Finding leaks fast is very important to save money on water and damages. Prices range from $20 to over $200.
  3. Low-flow shower heads – These shower heads conserve water and energy therefore saving money. They can range from as cheap as $10 all the way to over $100.
  4. Solar-powered gadgets – Anything solar-powered is a great way to save energy and reduce costs! Some examples of useful solar-powered items include fans, light strands, phone chargers, security cameras, and more! Prices of solar-powered items vary on what you chose.
  5. Blankets – While it may seem like a simple idea, blankets can not only be thoughtful and comforting, they also give extra warmth during the cold season. This can lower one’s energy bill by not having having to keep the heat as high when under a cozy blanket. They can be as cheap as $5 but if you are really willing to invest, they can go up to over $70.
Image result for blanket

These gifts are not the only ways you can save money. Click here to learn about how Lykins Energy Solutions offers great deals on all your energy needs. Have a happy holiday season!

The Best Coolants For Your Commercial Equipment

Any commercial business with heavy duty equipment knows just how important coolants can be. Selecting a great quality coolant is important in prolonging the life of and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape! Here are a few different coolants Lykins Energy Solutions offers that will provide maximal benefits to your equipment:

FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT), globally formulated, ethylene glycol based coolant, which uses organic acid inhibitors (non 2-EH) to provide guaranteed protection for all cooling system metals. With proper maintenance,† Final Charge Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze delivers guaranteed cooling system protection for ONE MILLION MILES of on-road use (8 years or 20,000 hours of off-road use) without the use of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs). Final Charge Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is nitrite-free, phosphate-free, silicate-free and borate-free.

FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze Benefits:

  • Works in ALL heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engine cooling systems
  • Guaranteed protection for ONE MILLION MILES of on-road use (8 years or 20,000 hours of off-road use)
  • Eliminates the need for SCAs and chemically charged filters
  • Excellent heat transfer for high temperature applications such as engines with EGR and SCR systems
  • Outstanding protection against corrosion and cavitation
  • Non-abrasive formula can improve water pump seal life
  • Eliminates drop-out, gel and reduces scale
  • Can be mixed with other coolants (to maintain corrosion protection contamination levels should be kept below 25%)
  • Provides exceptional long term elastomer compatibiltity

FINAL CHARGE® NOAT Extended Life Coolants/Antifreeze is an advanced nitrited Organic Acid Technology (OAT), globally formulated, ethylene glycol-based coolant which uses organic acid inhibitors to provide guaranteed protection for all cooling system metals. With proper maintenance, FINAL CHARGE NOAT Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze delivers guaranteed cooling system protection for 750,000 MILES of on-road use (8 years or 15,000 hours of off-road use) without the use of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs). FINAL CHARGE NOAT Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is phosphate-free, silicate-free and borate-free.

FINAL CHARGE® NOAT Extended Life Coolants/Antifreeze Benefits:

  • Works in ALL heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engine cooling systems 
  • Guaranteed protection for 750,000 MILES of on-road use (8 years or 15,000 hours of off-road use)
  • Eliminates the need for SCAs and chemically charged filters 
  • Excellent heat transfer for high temperature applications such as engines with EGR and SCR systems 
  • Outstanding protection against corrosion and cavitation 
  • Non-abrasive formula can improve water pump seal life 
  • Eliminates drop-out, gel,and no reduces scale 
  • Can be mixed with other coolants (to maintain corrosion protection, contamination levels should be kept below 25%)

Order today and learn more by clicking here!

Lykins Energy Solutions Raises $85,000 For CASA For Clermont Kids

Lykins Energy Solution raises $85,000 for CASA for Clermont Kids. Lykins Annual Golf Outing has raised $1 million for local non-profits over last 30 years

Lykins Energy Solutions is pleased to present CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids with a check for $85,000 this year, the proceeds from Lykins’ annual golf event. Lykins’ golf outing has raised more than $820,000 for CASA since 1998 which equates to 38% of CASA’s annual budget. Lykins has held its annual golf outing fundraiser since 1989 and with this year’s proceeds, the company has reached $1,000,000.00 for local non-profits in the past 30 years.

“We could never have done this without our business partners, vendors, hole sponsors and golf outing participants. Their support is truly heart-warming.  Lykins is honored to host this golf outing each year to benefit CASA for Clermont Kids,” says Lykins Energy Solutions president and CEO, Jeff Lykins.  “CASA’s work in our community is crucial, and the profits from the Lykins annual golf outing are a significant part of CASA’s annual budget. Those proceeds help fund a variety of programs to improve the lives of children in Clermont County.”  Lykins adds, “Lykins is a family owned business.  We believe in families and the safety and welfare of children in our community.  This is just one of the reasons we chose CASA to be the recipient of our annual fundraising event.”

Lykins annual donation makes an enormous, positive impact on CASA and the services it provides. CASA’s work in the community is crucial.  The proceeds help fund a variety of programs at CASA to improve the lives of abused and neglected children. The organization serves nearly 200 children each year. Their trained community volunteers are appointed by the Clermont County Juvenile Court Judge to represent the best interests of victim children. CASA/GALs (Guardians Ad Litem) are the voice of the child in the courtroom and the eyes and ears of the Court outside of the Courtroom.  The mission of CASA is to assure permanence in a safe, loving family where the child/children can be respected and establish the dignity that all children deserve. CASA’s biggest obstacle, other than maintaining funding every year, is the current case trend. “Without a doubt, opioids and heroin and now meth use are the biggest reasons children come into foster care or into court,” says CASA for Clermont Kids Executive Director, Nathan Bell.  Bell says “The cases that come into court now are the worst of the worst cases.  The problems are deeper, the crisis has been going on in the family for longer, and the dysfunction is more entrenched.  This has an impact on our volunteers because it means the cases that we receive are more difficult, more complex, and are emotionally trying on our volunteers.  The cases also have been taking longer to resolve in court because of their difficulty. This means our court advocates are bound up in very challenging cases for longer periods of time, which makes them less available for new cases coming in because they are still trying to resolve the cases they have.” 

Lykins Energy Solutions is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Clermont County, Ohio.  The company was founded in 1948 by Guy Lykins, Sr., and is now in the third generation of management.  The company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as throughout the Midwest and the Southeast United States and provides key services including: Branded Fuels, Wholesale Fuels, Commercial, Transportation, Energy Consulting and Home Heating Oil, Propane, Lubricants, Fleet fueling, Electricity and Natural gas for Ohio. The company represents five major brands: Gulf, BP, Marathon, Sunoco and Shell.  The company is one of the 100 largest privately held companies in Ohio, and one of the top 10 largest Petroleum Marketers in Ohio as well as one of the oldest and largest Petroleum Companies in the region and the nation.  Currently, Lykins employs 330 people.

Blinds vs. Curtains: Which One Can Lower Your Energy Bill?

Are you keeping energy cost low for the few months of hot weather left? A significant portion of a home’s energy is lost through windows. Here’s how switching up your window arrangements can save you big bucks.

Curtains, while stylish, may not provide the most energy efficient savings. The type and color of the curtain really impacts the total difference it will make. Thin, light color curtains will not block out as much sun and cold as thick, dark, curtains. When choosing curtains, selecting the darker, thermal-backed curtains will certainly make the difference to keep your house’s temperature well regulated without using the thermostat.

Blinds, on the other hand, are more efficient at blocking the heat or cold. They form a barrier to the temperature outside naturally. However, they can also still allow filtered light into the room if they are not completely opaque. This may be better option than dark, thermal-backed curtains if you are still looking for natural room light.

Still looking for more ways to save on your energy bill? Get more information about Lykins Energy Solutions Service’s by clicking here.

How to Find the Right Fuel Delivery Service For Your Business

Finding the right fuel delivery service can be difficult. Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself when selecting a fuel provider.

Does the company offer prompt and helpful customer service? Our strength lies in our customer service, which is the core of Lykins Energy Solutions. Our offices, like our business, is local. Our reps are located in nearly 20 offices in OH, IN, KY, and WV. We live in the communities we serve and offer a flexible, caring, and personal touch.

How reliable is the company? Is the fuel delivered on time? Do they own their own truck fleet? What’s their availability? Founded in 1948, Lykins Energy Solutions is one of the oldest fuel distribution companies in Ohio. This longevity was built on reliable and on time service. We own one of the largest truck fleets in Ohio. With over 135 vehicles, Lykins Energy Solutions is able to provide the most reliable service directly from our facilities to your home or business.

How well does the supplier know the area? In other words, how long have they been in business? Lykins Energy Solutions has continued to grow along with the communities we serve, making us one of the largest fuel distribution companies in the 4 state area. Our 70 years worth of experience and knowledge of the communities and businesses we serve give us an unmistakable advantage in providing our customers with the highest quality products delivered in the most efficient manner at the lowest price possible.

Does the company offer premium or high quality products? Lykins Energy Solutions offers numerous products specifically created to be of the best quality possible. We have products such as ECO-Supreme and ECO-Supreme High Cetane that keep fuel lines and injectors clean while also preventing rust and corrosion damage. This results in extended engine life and increased efficiency and fuel economy.

Is the supplier innovative? Do they have technological capabilities to offer products that are a step ahead of the competition? We recognize that keeping up with technology plays a vital role in allowing our customers to have the most efficient means to purchase and pay for their fuel needs. Lykins Energy Solutions trucks are equipped with the latest technology that allow us to track and dispatch with real time capability that results in a more accurate delivery and billing process.

Does they strive to continuously reduce fuel cost and translate those cost reductions into benefits for the customer or offer you options to help reduce your cost? Lykins Energy Solutions purchases bulk fuel contracts from the major refiners like Marathon, BP to insure not only the top quality fuel is being delivered to your home or business but to also allow the lowest possible price. Lykins Energy Solutions also offers budget billing programs for home heat customers to create a less expensive bill.

Is your supplier a respected pillar of the community and works to make it a better place to live, work, and play? Lykins Energy Solutions is dedicated to it’s community. Through many scholarships, school programs, and their annual charity golf outing benefiting CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids.

5 Tips To Save On Your A/C Bill This Summer

Here are 5 tips to keep your home cool this summer without breaking the bank!

1. Upgrade your windows – If you have older windows, they may be wasting energy. While this does cost extra at first, in the long run it will save you money. Sealing windows can help keep your home energy efficient by not leaking air.

2. Keep your blinds closed – Reducing sunlight throughout your house is an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate the natural heat of the summer.

3. Use fans – This will keep your home cool while keeping your air conditioning cost low and will also maintain your A/C system.

4. Raise your thermostat settings while away – It’s difficult to not keep your house cool while you’re home so try raising your air conditioner’s thermostat while away. This can significantly lower your A/C bills while keeping you cool when you need to be.

5. Switch your light bulbs – Using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) will keep your house cooler while incandescent lights will produce a lot of heat.

View Our Residential Services for ways Lykins Energy Solutions can lower other types of energy bills.