Energy Saving Tips For Your Home This Summer

Tip #1: Use Fans With Your A/C

Living room with ceiling fan and fireplace

Using a fan during the summertime with your air conditioner is a great way to create a wind chill effect in your room. Fans do not lower the temperature of the room but they do create an effect that makes it feel cooler from the breeze. If you use air conditioning depending on where you live in the United States, a fan will allow you to set your thermostat setting about 4°F higher with no reduction in comfort but if you turn the fan off, it can feel warmer if the thermostat is set at a higher temperature because of the wind chill effect of the fan.

Tip #2: Avoid Using The Oven

Kitchen with seating and oven

Cooking with an oven can add unwanted heat to your home causing your air conditioner to work harder. Instead of using an oven trying using a grill or slow cooker to keep your home at a steady temperature. Grilling out is a fun tradition for many families and you can be very creative with the food since you are cooking outdoors with odors not being trapped in your house.

Tip #3: Use an Energy Efficient De-Humidifier

Humidifier in Family Room

Depending on where you live, a dehumidifier is a great to assist your air conditioner in using less energy. During the summertime here in Ohio summer’s are very hot and humid. If you use a dehumidifier your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard by removing the moisture and cooling the air. Some parts of the United States do not use air conditioning like San Francisco due to the cool climate so a dehumidifier would not be necessary.

Tip #4: Use LED Light Bulbs

Left: Led Light Bulb / Right: Incandescent Light Bulb

LED light bulbs use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and run much cooler than standard incandescent lights. LED light bulbs do cost slightly more up front but quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. LED light bulbs are the most energy efficient lighting option that is available in 2021.

Tip #5: Close Your Blinds

Dining room with blinds open

Closing your blinds during the daytime significantly helps reduce the rise in temperature from the sun and deters the greenhouse effect of the sun. The southern- and western-facing walls of your home usually take the most heat from the sun but don’t forget natural light is also a great way to reduce your electricity bill. The northern-facing walls usually receive the least amount of sunshine which is a great spot to keep your blinds open for natural light.

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