Why Eco Supreme Premium Diesel Is The Best Fuel For Your Commercial Equipment

There is a fuel specifically developed for and available only at Lykins Energy Solutions. Its called Eco Supreme Premium diesel. Its our only diesel for our commercial customers because its the best diesel in the market and we want the very best for you. When you order diesel you will be automatically upgraded to Eco Supreme at no additional cost.

There are numerous, serious benefits to Eco Supreme Premium Diesel. It has lubricity which reduces both maintenance cost and equipment downtime. Cloud point improves winter operation. CFPP improves winter operation and filter ability. It also prevents “gelling.” Eco Supreme premium Diesel has thermal stability. This helps your fuel system burn cleaner and improve overall performance. In terms of corrosion, superior moisture control eliminates water issuer and maintains stability. It has great detergency which restores 100% of horse power, and optimizes engine efficiency. It also is a non-alcohol chemical to help safely pass small amounts of moisture through the fuel system and control moisture.

Still not convinced? Read these customer testimonials that prove just how great Eco Supreme is:

Watch our video for more information or view our commercial services:

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