Tips for Getting Your Application Through to the Hiring Manager

So you caught wind of a job opening at Lykins.  It sounds like the perfect fit for you!  You’re filling out the application, hoping that your experience alone will speak for you…but what can you do to go above and beyond to make sure your application gets in front of the hiring manager?  A little extra time spent on your application can easily set you apart.

There are certain job openings we have that get a lot of attention.  Customer Service, accounting, administrative assistant positions are all high-volume jobs for us.  When we open our recruiting program in the morning and see 40 applications from overnight, we keep our eyes peeled for a few things that help us whittle down the stack.

1. Personalize your Cover Letter.

Cover letters are optional but taking the time to write a few sentences addressing us directly is already a huge step forward in making yourself recognizable.  We will forward 95% of resumes that come with a personalized letter, regardless of how qualified the person is.  It shows us you’re willing to do that something extra to get the job done.

2. Research Lykins Energy Solutions before answering open-ended screening questions.

Bonus points for showing how you’re a good fit for Lykins based on specific company values (“I believe in open, honest communication for a successful team to work, just like your company” or “Like Lykins, exceptional customer service is one of my most valued ideals.”)  A little extra work in this area stands out like a golden, shining light.

“I’m not sure how I’m a fit because you haven’t hired me yet,” isn’t going to get you there.  Wit only goes so far.

3. Double-check your application for errors.

Lackadaisical typing may be misconstrued as a lack of computer proficiency. If a name isn’t properly capitalized or the position title is typed or spelled incorrectly, some may wonder if you have basic typing skills down.  An employer is looking for people who can do things correctly, not just do the bare minimum that needs to be done to hit the submit button. Double check your name, email address, the employer’s name, and the position title for grammatical and structure errors.

4. Fill in all applicable blanks.

In our application, we offer the ability to upload a resume in addition to providing detailed job information in the application.  Please take the time to do both.  When employers are scanning applications without job experience completed, they will have to go through the extra steps of downloading your resume to see what your experience is.  While this is another opportunity to show us you’re willing to do what needs done, regardless of how tedious it is, it also gives the employer one less step to take to determine whether you’re a fit for the job. Also, if you are the chosen candidate for the job, there’s less information to collect and we can and get you an offer letter more quickly.

5. Make your uploaded documents easy to use.

Microsoft Word is the go-to document creation program for resumes.  However, an employer may not be using the same version of Word and the formatting can come across differently than intended.  Also, a stray click of the mouse can change or delete content from your resume without the viewer noticing it’s been changed. To prevent accidental changes and maintain your format, finalize your document just like you have it by saving it as a .pdf.  This also saves us another step when downloading, saving, attaching to an email and sharing with hiring managers.

As Human Resources Generalist, Susan Gifford, MSIMC, CTRM, manages talent acquisition for Lykins Energy Solutions.


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