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Is An Electric Vehicle Right For You?

In the year 2020, electric vehicles are becoming more popular than ever. Tesla is setting the stage for a rapidly changing automobile industry. Deciding whether an electric car is right for you is very important based on your lifestyle and career. These are 5 reasons to decide if you should buy an electric car or … Continue reading “Is An Electric Vehicle Right For You?”

Customer Service in The Energy Industry

As a leading energy company in Ohio and surrounding states, Lykins Energy Solutions highest priority is our customers! As with any organization, customers are our best marketers. Here are five ways why customer service is essential to having a business thrive in 2020: Trust & Loyalty: When a business is courteous to a customer, it … Continue reading “Customer Service in The Energy Industry”

How to Prepare For a Power Outage

As we are heading into Spring, severe weather season is upon us. Severe weather can cause flooding, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. These weather events can lead to power outages. Here is how you can prepare for a power outage. Emergency kit: the best way to prepare for a power outage by creating an emergency … Continue reading “How to Prepare For a Power Outage”

Things To Do During Quarantine

At Lykins Energy Solutions, we know this is a difficult time for everyone. We want to be here for you by giving you some ideas of how to spend your time at home. Staying healthy mentally and physically is very important during these challenging times. Here are some ideas of how you and your family … Continue reading “Things To Do During Quarantine”

Best Energy-Saving Tips For Your Business/Office

We know just how expensive running a business/office can be. From water, heating, electricity, prices can really add up. However, there are a few things you can do to lower your bill as much as possible. Make sure all computers are on energy saver mode throughout the day or turned off at closing. This is … Continue reading “Best Energy-Saving Tips For Your Business/Office”

Fireplaces Are Cozy In The Winter, But Are They Energy Efficient?

Everyone wants to cuddle up next to fire place on cold, snowy days, but how might this effect your energy usage and overall costs? Different types of fireplaces affect energy efficiency in a bigger way that what you may expect. It is important to distinguish between the different types of fireplaces because they do affect … Continue reading “Fireplaces Are Cozy In The Winter, But Are They Energy Efficient?”

Why Eco Supreme Premium Diesel Is The Best Fuel For Your Commercial Equipment

There is a fuel specifically developed for and available only at Lykins Energy Solutions. Its called Eco Supreme Premium diesel. Its our only diesel for our commercial customers because its the best diesel in the market and we want the very best for you. When you order diesel you will be automatically upgraded to Eco Supreme at no … Continue reading “Why Eco Supreme Premium Diesel Is The Best Fuel For Your Commercial Equipment”

5 Energy-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? How about one that is not only thoughtful but will save them big bucks on their energy bill! Below are a few ideas for the perfect energy-saving gift. Smart Thermostat – Not only do these thermostats adjust heating and cooling of a home automatically on a schedule, … Continue reading “5 Energy-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas”

The Best Coolants For Your Commercial Equipment

Any commercial business with heavy duty equipment knows just how important coolants can be. Selecting a great quality coolant is important in prolonging the life of and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape! Here are a few different coolants Lykins Energy Solutions offers that will provide maximal benefits to your equipment: FINAL CHARGEĀ® Global Extended … Continue reading “The Best Coolants For Your Commercial Equipment”