How to Save Energy This Holiday Season

Winter is here and so is the holiday season! Today we are going to give you six great tips on how to save money and energy this holiday season.

Tip #1: “LED” your Christmas lights shine

LED holiday lights typically use up to 90% less electricity than standard incandescent lights. Although the initial cost of LED light strings can be higher, they are sturdier and usually last up to 10x longer. Also, LED bulbs are cooler to the touch than incandescent bulbs, posing less of a fire risk in your home.

LED multi-colored Christmas lights

Tip #2: Purchase Light Timers

In a majority of the midwestern states during the month of December, the sunsets between 5pm and 6pm. It is best to turn your lights on right after sunset up to the time you go to bed to conserve energy. Most people keep their lights on from 5:30pm to 10/11pm which is on average 6 hours of the lights being turned on. Do you have trouble remembering to turn your lights on and off? Then purchase a timer from your local Walmart, Target, Meijer, or Kroger and let the timer do the work for you the entire holiday season.

Christmas lights timer

Tip #3 Turn Off Lights When The Tree is Lit’

A majority of the time your Christmas tree will provide enough light to be able to turn off other lights in your room which helps save you energy and money.

Christmas Tree with red ornaments

Tip #4: Purchase Energy Star Products

Energy Star certified electronics – TVs, Blu-Ray players, and cordless phones – use up to 60% less electricity than their non-certified counterparts. Visit for a list of qualifying models, and shop smart.

An Energy Star label is displayed on a brand new washing machine at a Best Buy store

Tip #5: Unplug Electronics and Appliances That Aren’t in Use

TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, radios and many other electronics use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Unplug these items before you go on vacation or out of town and enjoy seeing your electric bill go down in price.

Tip #6: Use Smaller Appliances

Use your microwave and toaster oven for small holiday cooking tasks and only use the oven for larger sized dishes.

We hope that you find these six tips helpful for you to save energy this holiday season. Lykins Energy Solutions provides electricity and you can save an average of 3% when you switch, compare now!

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