How to Find the Right Fuel Delivery Service For Your Business

Finding the right fuel delivery service can be difficult. Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself when selecting a fuel provider.

Does the company offer prompt and helpful customer service? Our strength lies in our customer service, which is the core of Lykins Energy Solutions. Our offices, like our business, is local. Our reps are located in nearly 20 offices in OH, IN, KY, and WV. We live in the communities we serve and offer a flexible, caring, and personal touch.

How reliable is the company? Is the fuel delivered on time? Do they own their own truck fleet? What’s their availability? Founded in 1948, Lykins Energy Solutions is one of the oldest fuel distribution companies in Ohio. This longevity was built on reliable and on time service. We own one of the largest truck fleets in Ohio. With over 135 vehicles, Lykins Energy Solutions is able to provide the most reliable service directly from our facilities to your home or business.

How well does the supplier know the area? In other words, how long have they been in business? Lykins Energy Solutions has continued to grow along with the communities we serve, making us one of the largest fuel distribution companies in the 4 state area. Our 70 years worth of experience and knowledge of the communities and businesses we serve give us an unmistakable advantage in providing our customers with the highest quality products delivered in the most efficient manner at the lowest price possible.

Does the company offer premium or high quality products? Lykins Energy Solutions offers numerous products specifically created to be of the best quality possible. We have products such as ECO-Supreme and ECO-Supreme High Cetane that keep fuel lines and injectors clean while also preventing rust and corrosion damage. This results in extended engine life and increased efficiency and fuel economy.

Is the supplier innovative? Do they have technological capabilities to offer products that are a step ahead of the competition? We recognize that keeping up with technology plays a vital role in allowing our customers to have the most efficient means to purchase and pay for their fuel needs. Lykins Energy Solutions trucks are equipped with the latest technology that allow us to track and dispatch with real time capability that results in a more accurate delivery and billing process.

Does they strive to continuously reduce fuel cost and translate those cost reductions into benefits for the customer or offer you options to help reduce your cost? Lykins Energy Solutions purchases bulk fuel contracts from the major refiners like Marathon, BP to insure not only the top quality fuel is being delivered to your home or business but to also allow the lowest possible price. Lykins Energy Solutions also offers budget billing programs for home heat customers to create a less expensive bill.

Is your supplier a respected pillar of the community and works to make it a better place to live, work, and play? Lykins Energy Solutions is dedicated to it’s community. Through many scholarships, school programs, and their annual charity golf outing benefiting CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Clermont Kids.

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