Energy Saving Tips For Your Farm This Summer

Tip #1: Understanding How & Where Energy Usage Occurs

A series of electrical transmission tower with power lines criss crossing at sunset.

Harvesting your crops in optimal conditions can make your harvest more efficient. Crops that are too wet or soil that’s wet results in more fuel consumption, so by waiting until the conditions are just right, you save energy. Fuel consumption for combining can be reduced. When grain combining, increasing the height of your cut will not only harvest less straw and stalks, but reduce fuel consumption as well.

Tip #2: Change energy supplier

Switching energy suppliers is one of the quickest ways of reducing your costs. Ring around or go online to check the deals available from alternative suppliers. A few of the most popular energy/utilities companies in Ohio is Shipley Energy, AEP Ohio, Dayton Power & Light, Duke Energy, and Ohio Edison.

Tip #3: Insulation

Adding or improving your insulation to your farm outbuildings and home can have a significant impact on the energy costs and comfort. Insulation is important for not only winter but also summer. Many animals need proper insulation to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

Tip #4: Ventilation

Better controls, more efficient air movement and less reliance on mechanical systems. These can all help to save money on ventilation costs. Make sure that fans and ducts are regularly maintained and kept clean to maximise efficiency. In pig farms, a 40% improvement in energy efficiency can be achieved. This is through more effective controls and routine maintenance of the ventilation system. This can result in saving in an integrated unit.

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